Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sehari berjalan mengelilingi UTM

hye kawan2 dan sahabat2 sekalian...
arini MS nk bg korg sume tgk gmbar je..

semua pic ni diambil pada 070310..

sekitar kawasan UTM..=)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To All My Luvly Blogger's Friends

Salam... hye all..

to all my friends...
i am sorry for not answer all ur tags..
im so sorrryyyyyyyyyy.....

this month is a most busiest months to me..
24 hours and 7 days are not enough for me...


for ur information...
all these essay below is one of my assignment...
for subject

tq to all my friends
tq for tagging me...
luv ya..


-miss senyum-

1: Personal Profile

My name is Umi Zuhirah Binti Ramlan, just call me Umi or Zue. I am the eldest from eight siblings. My mom said, I must be a role model for my other sisters and brothers. I have big responsibilities in my shoulder. My mom also said, I am a simple, understanding and brave person. I am very confident in everything that I have done. I really love my family so much.
My Family and I in my convokesyen day
Now, I am a final year student in University Technology Malaysia, Skudai, Johor. During five years in Town and Country Planning Course, I got a lot of knowledge and experience. I have joined a lot of programme inside and outside campus regarding my studies. In UTM, I have got a lot of new friends from all over the state.

My friends said I am a creative person because of I master in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other software. Actually, my hobby is to explore all the design software. So, I will make sure that I know all the design software. Moreover, I really love art course such as photography field, music, dance and sketches. Last week, my friends and I had made a girl’s party and I got title ‘miss creative mind’. I am very proud for the title and it was encourage me become a professional designer or photographer in the future. I think that I a faithful, perceptive, reliable and outspoken person either in my study or my life.

This Award is for me=)

For the conclusion, I think I can survive where ever I have been and I will try my best in doing something either in my field or my life.

Essay 1: GIS and Me

GIS also known as Geographical Information System is a software used by town planner as a tools in mapping purposes. I am really interested in GIS when I firstly came to GIS class taught by Dr Nazri Mohd Ludin which is the dean of Built Environment Faculty. After that, I had decided to make GIS as my option subject to get more skills in this field. Besides that, when I entered practical training in private sector which is AJM Planning and Urban Design Group Sdn Bhd, the firm also emphasizing that fresh graduates that have to master in GIS skills for added values. Therefore, I am very sure that I will do my PSM or thesis related in GIS.

In the GIS option subject, I am not study on how to make a map but how to do statistical analysis using GIS Spatial Statistics. For information, GIS can also be used for statistical purposes using GIS Spatial Statistics. The output of analysis will be shown in map. Basically, Microsoft Excel or SPSS are used in making the analysis involving statistical data. The outputs are showing in tables, charts and graphs only. For me, it is very interesting when the output can be understand just by seeing the map.

For example, in my thesis, I study about “Exploration on Poverty Using GIS Spatial Statistics” for the whole State of Selangor. The main purpose is to identify distribution of poverty patterns and the factors that affected from social and environmental factors. There are a few techniques to get the best results such as Morans’ I, Geary C, Morans Scatter Plot, Standard Deviation, Local Indicator Spatial Association (LISA) and other techniques. From analysis, I found that the poverty patterns in Selangor are random and there is a spatial correlation. Besides that, I also know that poverty have spatial relationship with number of schools, distances every Mukim from Kuala Lumpur, capacity of road for every Mukim and types of land.

My supervisor is interested on my thesis topic, and offered me to do presentation paper for GIS seminar and become his research assistant. I am very happy with the offer and I accept it as my first job experience and it was my first step in GIS. I really love GIS so much.

Essay 2: Join Co-Curiculum Activities Make Me More Responsible

Co-curriculum activity is a student’s extra activities in the institution. Basically in primary and secondary schools, students must attend extra activity provided by schools organization. It is also one of conditions to further study in university. However in university, there are two types of co-curricular activities. There are a compulsory co-curricular activities and co-curricular activities that students are free to join. Every student is encouraged to participate in all activities in university, because it will help students absorb valuable lesson in social development and responsibilities.
I also join a lot of programme in primary schools, secondary schools and university. The recent programme that change me to be more responsible is when I have been appointed as secretary of PEWIBAWA from 2008 until 2009. PEWIBAWA is town planner students’ association in University Technology Malaysia. Secretary is an administrative assistant and the duties were mostly related to correspondence, such as typing out of letters. During one year of my responsibility, I got a lot of experience in conducting a programme such as rountable discussion with Malaysian Institute of Planners, Workshop on Sketchup and Adobe Photoshop, ceremony of Ramadhan and others. From all the experiences, I gained more spirit of confidence in handling some programme.
Although I am in the final year, I still join several programme known as ‘Sustainable Mavens’. This programme is organized by my coursemate; Hafiz Hardy to support the vision of Vice Cancelor to make University Technology Malaysia as a sustainable campus. There are a lot of activities in this programme such as cycling, recycling campaign, ecological trail and exhibition. The recent programme is a tupperware sale in Arked Meranti and CIMB Bank, UTM and sustainable exhibition in Sultanah Zanariah’s Library from 15 until 17 March 2010. Responses from students are very satisfied especially from foreign students. Next activity is cycling campaign along UTM campus on 18 and 19 March 2010.
Besides that, ecological trail activities is still on and it is a best activity that I have joined. The ecological trail makes me explore and recognize flora and fauna in UTM. For the conclusion, co-curiculum activities that I have joined make me more responsible and sustainable.

Essay 3: Practical Training Make me know what Town Planning is about.

Practical training is a period of time during which undergraduate students have to attend to complete their studies. The training will be certified by supervisor regarding of the usefulness of the work towards achieving diploma or degree. I have studied for five years in town planning field which is three years for diploma in UTMKL and two years for degree in UTM Skudai. Along that period, I have attended practical training for two times, which is government and private sector. Both sectors have a different scope of work.

For the government sector, I had trained in the department Town Planning in Majlis Perbandaran Selayang for eight month. In this department, there have four separated units which are development units, landscapes units, GIS units and squatters units. Along the period, I have spent two month for each unit. Every unit has their different job specifications. In the development units, the job specification is to review the plan that has been submitted by developer either the plan is following the development guideline or not. Besides that, this unit also covered job like visit the development site either for get a planning permission, Certificate of Completion and compliance (CCC) and others. For landscape units, I have made a landscape proposal plan in Rawang Integrated area. While, in GIS unit I have updated information about the development using MapInfo GIS software. A squatters unit is the challenging units that I have known. This unit must face squatters’ residence everyday to settle out the land matter problem. I also have joined the operations to destroy the squatters’ settlement.

However, private sectors have a different job specification compared to government. AJM Planning and Urban Design Group is my second industrial training. AJM Planning and Urban Design Group is a big company that has 35 employees. The project comes from all over the world especially from Middle East country like Jabal Khandama. Most the job is designing a plan, updating the GIS map, design a graphic plan and others. The job in this company is very tough and needed hundred percent (100%) commitment from staff especially during a submission date.

From industrial training I know more about my field, which is town and country planning. It is a professional profession and must have face people and customer everyday.