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Essay 3: Practical Training Make me know what Town Planning is about.

Practical training is a period of time during which undergraduate students have to attend to complete their studies. The training will be certified by supervisor regarding of the usefulness of the work towards achieving diploma or degree. I have studied for five years in town planning field which is three years for diploma in UTMKL and two years for degree in UTM Skudai. Along that period, I have attended practical training for two times, which is government and private sector. Both sectors have a different scope of work.

For the government sector, I had trained in the department Town Planning in Majlis Perbandaran Selayang for eight month. In this department, there have four separated units which are development units, landscapes units, GIS units and squatters units. Along the period, I have spent two month for each unit. Every unit has their different job specifications. In the development units, the job specification is to review the plan that has been submitted by developer either the plan is following the development guideline or not. Besides that, this unit also covered job like visit the development site either for get a planning permission, Certificate of Completion and compliance (CCC) and others. For landscape units, I have made a landscape proposal plan in Rawang Integrated area. While, in GIS unit I have updated information about the development using MapInfo GIS software. A squatters unit is the challenging units that I have known. This unit must face squatters’ residence everyday to settle out the land matter problem. I also have joined the operations to destroy the squatters’ settlement.

However, private sectors have a different job specification compared to government. AJM Planning and Urban Design Group is my second industrial training. AJM Planning and Urban Design Group is a big company that has 35 employees. The project comes from all over the world especially from Middle East country like Jabal Khandama. Most the job is designing a plan, updating the GIS map, design a graphic plan and others. The job in this company is very tough and needed hundred percent (100%) commitment from staff especially during a submission date.

From industrial training I know more about my field, which is town and country planning. It is a professional profession and must have face people and customer everyday.

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