Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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1: Personal Profile

My name is Umi Zuhirah Binti Ramlan, just call me Umi or Zue. I am the eldest from eight siblings. My mom said, I must be a role model for my other sisters and brothers. I have big responsibilities in my shoulder. My mom also said, I am a simple, understanding and brave person. I am very confident in everything that I have done. I really love my family so much.
My Family and I in my convokesyen day
Now, I am a final year student in University Technology Malaysia, Skudai, Johor. During five years in Town and Country Planning Course, I got a lot of knowledge and experience. I have joined a lot of programme inside and outside campus regarding my studies. In UTM, I have got a lot of new friends from all over the state.

My friends said I am a creative person because of I master in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other software. Actually, my hobby is to explore all the design software. So, I will make sure that I know all the design software. Moreover, I really love art course such as photography field, music, dance and sketches. Last week, my friends and I had made a girl’s party and I got title ‘miss creative mind’. I am very proud for the title and it was encourage me become a professional designer or photographer in the future. I think that I a faithful, perceptive, reliable and outspoken person either in my study or my life.

This Award is for me=)

For the conclusion, I think I can survive where ever I have been and I will try my best in doing something either in my field or my life.


  1. wow! interesting...

    single lg ke???

  2. haha bobo..

    thank you very much!!!=)

    of coz single... not married yet.. haha=)