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Essay 2: Join Co-Curiculum Activities Make Me More Responsible

Co-curriculum activity is a student’s extra activities in the institution. Basically in primary and secondary schools, students must attend extra activity provided by schools organization. It is also one of conditions to further study in university. However in university, there are two types of co-curricular activities. There are a compulsory co-curricular activities and co-curricular activities that students are free to join. Every student is encouraged to participate in all activities in university, because it will help students absorb valuable lesson in social development and responsibilities.
I also join a lot of programme in primary schools, secondary schools and university. The recent programme that change me to be more responsible is when I have been appointed as secretary of PEWIBAWA from 2008 until 2009. PEWIBAWA is town planner students’ association in University Technology Malaysia. Secretary is an administrative assistant and the duties were mostly related to correspondence, such as typing out of letters. During one year of my responsibility, I got a lot of experience in conducting a programme such as rountable discussion with Malaysian Institute of Planners, Workshop on Sketchup and Adobe Photoshop, ceremony of Ramadhan and others. From all the experiences, I gained more spirit of confidence in handling some programme.
Although I am in the final year, I still join several programme known as ‘Sustainable Mavens’. This programme is organized by my coursemate; Hafiz Hardy to support the vision of Vice Cancelor to make University Technology Malaysia as a sustainable campus. There are a lot of activities in this programme such as cycling, recycling campaign, ecological trail and exhibition. The recent programme is a tupperware sale in Arked Meranti and CIMB Bank, UTM and sustainable exhibition in Sultanah Zanariah’s Library from 15 until 17 March 2010. Responses from students are very satisfied especially from foreign students. Next activity is cycling campaign along UTM campus on 18 and 19 March 2010.
Besides that, ecological trail activities is still on and it is a best activity that I have joined. The ecological trail makes me explore and recognize flora and fauna in UTM. For the conclusion, co-curiculum activities that I have joined make me more responsible and sustainable.

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