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Kawasan Perumahan Yang Mana Satu Korang Nak Duduk??


Hye semua... harini saya nak cerita tentang planning sikit..
Kalau anda semua diberi pilihan untuk memilih kawasan tempat tinggal, keadaan yang macamana korang nak??
Kat bawah ni  saya ada attachkan gambar-gambar yang di copy dari Mail Online

BUDAPEST: Where the Hungarian capital's increasingly green suburbs meet the countryside

MENORCA: Holiday villas line Urbanitzacio Caparrot on the Mediterranean island

MENORCA, SPAIN: These more traditional villas occupy the Es Migjorn Gran area of the island

BATH, SOMERSET: A circular row of grand houses in St James's Park look on a giant tree

NORWAY: Snow-covered houses in the midst of winter look eerily peaceful from above

HONG KONG: Uniform rows of houses feature in this image of Fairview Park Road North in Yuen Long

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: The sprawling identikit suburbs of one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S.

MENORCA: Villas line up, each with a glistening swimming pool, in Cala en Porter on the Spanish island

HONG KONG: Away from the skyscrapers, a metal shack provides a roof over the heads of some of the island's poorer citizens

WILTSHIRE: A recently completed housing estate in the south-west looks somewhat like a town made out of Lego

BUDAPEST: A parked car sits in the middle of an apartment building in the Hungarian capital
WORCESTERSHIRE: An historic Middle Hill House above Broadway contains an overgrown inner-garden

HONG KONG: High-rise apartment blocks lie side-by-side in the densely populated city

MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA: A shanty town made up of rocky winding roads and metal rooftops

LONDON: An aerial view of houses in a north-eastern suburb of the city. Photographer Jason Hawkes, from Oxfordshire, travelled above four continents by helicopter in a 12-year project to record how housing developments have produced abstract patterns on the landscape

 SITTINGBOURNE, KENT: A circular housing development with symmetrical triangular gardens caught Mr Hawkes' eye

MOROCCO: A farmhouse with a pen full of sheep lies alone in the middle of the desert

Semua Gambar-gambar ni merupakan contoh luar negara.. tapi, mane-mane contoh yang baik, boleh la diaplikasikan di Malaysia.. sebab tu nak mintak pendapat sahabat-sahabat sekalian.. 

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